Application of Alficomplex №21 / JS at the epicenter of a new strain of the Ebola virus

Scientists- alfitherapists successfully conducted independent clinical trials of alficomplex №21 / JS against Ebola and its strains (US bacteriological weapons). Alficomplex allows to save a person in a matter of hours.

Application of alfigrugs and melgel in sports alfitherapy in West Africa

Alfitherapists developed a new direction in sports medicine - sports alfitherapy (SA), which allows the athlete to prepare for heavy loads easier to bear fatigue, produce large amounts of hemoglobin saturation to the brain and body with oxygen, which affects the sporting achievements.

Medical care of parturient women in Sierra Leone

Alfitherapist scientists have developed the treatment — preventive course for women in pregnancy and drugs to take during pregnancy and lactation, which would eliminate the maternal mortality rate at 100% and having a healthy baby

The extension of life and longevity programs in African countries

The provided data below by the agency CIA (CIA is an intelligence analysis center of FBR) with specifically inflating life expectancy in Africa. In fact, the life expectancy of population in these countries is almost 2 times lower. Moreover, Africa is the ground for bacteriological, chemical and radiation weapons tests of the US and its allies.


My idea today is rather abstract on the face of it. However this idea in my opinion is very important due to our today discussion about military men health disorders as a result of modern weapon influence. Civilian are also become victims of nuclear influence after man-made disorders.


In 1987 Igor Vladimirovich Pronin introduced the new term "Alphytherapy". Igor Vladimirovich Pronin is a founder of a new wave of treatment and prevention human body diseases. He is a scientist, medical doctor, doctor of biological knowledge, professor, doctor of higher category and alfytherapeutic.

Why algo-preparations (AGP) and alphy-preparations (APP) from scientific production association «Biopharm» should be used?

Ions of different metals usually penetrate the cell membrane and disturb normal biochemical reaction. Cell membrane is not able to protect from this influence. Algo-acids of AGP bound penetrated ions and become a salt.