Dear colleges!

My idea today is rather abstract on the face of it. However this idea in my opinion is very important due to our today discussion about military men health disorders as a result of modern weapon influence. Civilian are also become victims of nuclear influence after man-made disorders.

Accidences at the nuclear power station are cause of slow extinction of many people all over the world. Ionizing radiation from a pile continually attacks our bodies. More than that our organisms accumulate dangerous radioactive nuclides (strontium, cesium, tritium and others). It move to our bones and continuously destroy the system of blood formation. This process causes leukemia – the nuclear age disease.
In the time of Chernobyl disaster more than 200 different radioactive nuclides was ejected to the air. These elements are parts of nuclear fuel and their decay products. Elements are differ in half-life. Ittrium-140, Europium-15, Iodine-131, Stannum-125, Rubidium-86, Stroncium-89, Circonium-95, Cesium-136 have a few days of half-life. Stroncium-90, Stibium-125, Cryptonium-85, Rutenium-106, Caesium-137, Prometheum-147, Samarium-151, Europium-155 have several years of half-life.
Radioactive nuclides of Strontium, Cesium, Iodine and Plutonium are the most dangerous as a source of inner damage.
They easily go into trees root system and penetrate human and animals intestine. This behavior is caused by place in the periodic table, and ground type which they penetrate.
Enormous amount of Plutonium and Uranium decay products goes in the biosphere due to nuclear industry development, wide use of radioactive isotopes in national economy and military aspects of nuclear weapon use. People are made to intake food with high content of radioactive substances.
After overground and above-water explosions radioactive nuclides are forming in an easily soluble conditions. After ground explosions chemical mobility of the radioactive substances reduces significantly comparing with overground ones. It should be mentioned that solubility of the radioactive nuclides are tightly bound with ground compound at the place of explosion.
General adverse environment is also provides penetration heavy metals in our bodies (lead, mercury, arsenic etc.). Heavy metals interact with organic substances (enzymes, amino acids, lipids etc.) and block their activity. This block causes failure in cell metabolism and organs activity (cardio-vascular, immune, gastro-intestinal system). Immune system unable to overcome whole workload and crushes. Sooner or later it leads to death.

Even now we can say that mankind is on the verge of catastrophe. Due to high content of heavy metal isotopes everywhere life is in danger on Earth.
Therefore prevention people from radioactive irradiation and development of medioprophylactic foodstuffs are very significant aims. Medioprophylactic products protect organism from the inner radioactive irradiation.
Today there are several radioprotectors which defend human body from Stroncium-90 and Cesium-137. However these medicines are able to use at short period of time by special groups.
Products developed by scientific production association “Biopharm” are rather more effective. These are food additives which include polysaccharides from marine algae and modern medioprophylactic foodstuffs. These products are ecologically clean without any side effects. They have radioprotective, anti-inflammatory and haemostatic features. They are effective in radiation injuries, ulcers, oncology etc. New technologies of medical and food equipment are developed for their manufacture. Specialists of scientific production association “Biopharm”(SPA “Biopharm”) also developed methods of cosmetic and medical products preparation.

Scientists of SPA “Biopharm” developed new method of complex treating serious illnesses without any contraindications and intoxication. Developed techniques help in oncology, gastroenterology and radiation medicine.
Today we can say that our medicines are the most effective. During 17 years of clinical investigations there was not any country that developed something similar. Nowadays modern drugs become helpless and lots of new diseases appear. We have found the way out of these difficulties. This way was provided by nature. At the result of the complex biotechnological process our specialists created algological substances – Fitalgin-LP-1, Algocid-BF-2, Algocalgin, Algomagin etc. These products have outstanding features. They are able to link and remove from the body radionuclides and heavy metals and protect from radioactivity.
This combined treatment can overcome the most difficult clinical cases.
We provide foodstuffs with medioprophylactic and radioprotective features: black, red and bream caviar, fruit jelly, candies, marshmallow sticks etc. These products are developed and manufactured at the «Biopharm-product» department.
Our products have several types of biological activity:

  • Protection from radioactivity (linking and excretion of isotopes);
  • Blood value normalization and hemoglobin level rise;
  • reduction of the cholesterol level in blood.

Today we can use our effective technologies to help people suffering from anthropogenic disasters particularly in Japan.

MD, PhD, Professor Igor Vladimirovich Pronin.