Application of alfigrugs and melgel in sports alfitherapy in West Africa


Application of alfigrugs and melgel in sports alfitherapy in West Africa
West Africa. Sierra Leone. Liberia. Guinea

Alfitherapists developed a new direction in sports medicine — sports alfitherapy (SA), which allows the athlete to prepare for heavy loads easier to bear fatigue, produce large amounts of hemoglobin saturation to the brain and body with oxygen, which affects the sporting achievements. The technique excludes the use of any narcotic, psychoactive and neuroprotective drugs. Application of alfigrugs provides maximum efficiency in physical education and sports, as well as the medical aspects of mass physical culture of different population groups; It contributes to the justification of methods in sports training and improve sports skills; increases biomedical indicators of physical education during training.
Sport alfitherapy (SA) allows for a short time to restore the athlete after injuries, fractures. It allows to increase the energy balance of the cells without harm to the whole organism, build muscle by organic origin squalene. SA is closely converged by physiology, biochemistry, morphology, hygiene. The main directions of the sports alfitherapy — Troubleshooting of athlete during the sport training; during adaptation of athletes under extreme physical and emotional stress; sports injuries, increased endurance during a competition. Alfitherapists studying West African countries paid special attention to the development of medical and physical fitness alficenters — specialized medical institutions, designed to provide medical monitoring for athletes, providing them with medical assistance and organizational and methodological guidelines for medical control of physical education of the population and physical therapy of the countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea. The main functions of sports alficenters are: dispensary supervision for athletes and pupils of children's and youth sports schools; providing them with the necessary medical care; organization and provision of health services of sports events; participation in the hygiene supervision of the places and conditions of the competition and the sport; medical and sports counseling, medical and pedagogical control in the process of physical education and sport; research in the cases of sports injuries and measures for its prevention; scientific and practical work on medical control and exercise therapy. Medical-sports alficenter serves as a basis for specialization and training of doctors and nurses for medical control and exercise therapy. The structure of the clinic consist of the following offices (branches): medical monitoring for physical education of adults, children and adolescents, physical therapy, functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, X-ray, as well as clinical diagnostic laboratory and others.


  • Chief specialist of the Sport alfitherapy – Durasov A.Y.
  • Senior analyst of alfitherapy genetic engineering – Minin S.P.
  • Doctor of Medical science, Doctor of biological science, Professor — Pronin I.V.