In 1987 Igor Vladimirovich Pronin introduced the new term «Alphytherapy». Igor Vladimirovich Pronin is a founder of a new wave of treatment and prevention human body diseases.

He is a scientist, medical doctor, doctor of biological knowledge, professor, doctor of higher category and alfytherapeutic.


Since an antient time people tried to use healthy products from animal and plants. Firstly it was herbs and plants. They was using as a source for feed and cure.

Humans’ observation and wisdom get to know how to use herbs for treatment. Primarily it was collected by local flora. But due to social developing and trading relations it could be possible to gain it from whole world. Thanks to knowledge exchange the mankind has the opportunity to make great arsenal of remedies.

Plants, seaweeds and macrophages are still indispensable source of alphy-preaprations which have different activities: cardiovasculare, capillary reinforce, cholagogus, antiulcer and so on. It should be mentioned that technique for production of many medicines (cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, cumarines and etheric oils) has achieved only by extracting it from plant. More than 360 medicines from Russian National Registry (as of 01.01.1986) are extracted from plants. Treatment of some diseases is based mainly on herbal remedies. Using plant preparations in the therapy is in priority.
80 % drugs are herbal in case of cardiovascular illnesses’ treatment and 70 % for gastrointestinal illnesses. Sensitizers are only plant preparations.
There are plenty of issues about herbal medicines and physical-chemical analysis of bioactive substances. But there are no articles about studies of herbal substances physical-chemical and pharmacological analysis.

Future prospects of the Russian medicinal plants’ study and use for medicines’ manufacture

Alphytherapy uses bioactive power of plants, seaweeds and microorganisms. Together with description of disseminations and classifications of the cumarines, flavonoids, anthraquinones and cardiosteroids in alphytherapy, most attention has spare to their quantitative and qualitative analysis in the plant and seaweed preparations. Great attention is also played to the methods of herbal remedies quality control.
At the theoretical aspect a great interest is presented by findings about chemotaxonomy and area of distribution of medical plants, seaweeds and microorganisms, as far as macro- and microelements containing species which was listed above.
At the Alphymedicines you can find the descriptions of their medicobiological characteristics and pharmacological effects, in the intent of their chemical structure. An additional point is that, interrelation «structure — action» is exhibited for the large group of natural and artificial bioactive substances, which have antifungal actions. That's why we can mark promising outlook of the antifungal alphymedications among essential oils, extracts of individual natural products and their synthetic analogues.
Every individual is an integral part of the all live nature. Since earliest times, he had perfectly known about everything around him.
Cumulated experience of the ancestors had been handing down in millenniums, allowing him to coexist skillfully with the nature: to get food as a remedies and a supply of energy, to enjoy life, to feel the smell of grass and flowers, see the mountains blueness, the immensity of steppes, to hear the silence of the night, the rote, the forest singing, to possess strength, agility and health.
In ancient times among the biodiversity of the vegetable kingdom man had already drown his attention on the seaweeds, plants with pleasant or acrid aromas, sticky by touch. He used it as remedies extensively.
Later, when man had learned to isolate certain aromatic substances from plants, he discovered goodness of those substances namely essential oils or aromatic pitches.
The first essential oil was received above 5000 year ago somewhere in Mesopotamia. It is inextricably intertwined with the Druids and the Sumerians.
Alphytherapy is the most current healer as a remedy for the serious diseases or chronic ailments.
Day by day we should understand that we need change chemical medicines to more effective and nontoxic natural remedies — alphymedicines or their melgels composition.
Using essential oils in the alphytherapy gives us such results, which could never be received other modern medicinal agents. That's why the method of the alphytherapy should occupy its niche in human life, intended to it by the nature and temporarily deprived by chemical mirages. We are hope, that in the third millennium, the humanity will understand, that it should union with nature and in case of the illness, it can be cured by natural gifts and Alphytherapy is the necessary part of them.